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Big Ben Skirting Clamps

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Product Description

This clamp is used on the sides of the conveyor chute where the skirtings are fitted on to. They hold the skirting with the aid of an angle iron 25mm x 25mm x 3 mm that runs the length of the skirting.


This is a no hassle way of holding the skirting in position once the clamps are set in position. It does not have to be adjusted again when replacing the worn or damaged skirting rubber, you just pull the handle towards you on all the clamps, remove the skirting rubber, replace with new rubber, replace the angle iron and re-clamp the handle.


To fit the Big Ben skirting clamp on the sides of the chute to hold the skirting rubber is a cost effective way of changing your skirting rubbers.

The advantages of the Big Ben Skirting Clamps are as follows:


  • It is maintenance free
  •  Easily adjustable
  •  Easy and quick to adjust by an operator
  •  The unit is 100% galvanized
  • The unit has proven itself over a 15 to 20 year period


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