Primary belt cleaner


The DirtWhacker Primary Belt Cleaner

The sections are subdivided for your convenience into the following:

  • Blades
  • Parallelogram
  • Air System
  • Mainframe
  • Extensions
  • Mountings

Product Description

The DirtWhacker Primary belt cleaner range is designed to provide the industry with a conveyor belt cleaning solution at the head pulley.

The primary units are highly efficient; and yet,the conveyor belt top cover is exposed to minimal wear. Our primary belt-cleaning units are also known to be cost-effective, as it requires no specialized labour subsequent to installation until fully worn blades.

The DirtWhacker Primary belt cleaner meets the following design criteria:


Design Criteria


  • The cleaner blades are designed to bring about minimal belt wear to the belt top-cover
  • The innovative parallelogram design maintain the optimal belt blade angle irrespective of blade wear
  • The air bladder system sustain even blade to belt pressure over the full cleaner width
  • The blade design are compatible with the majority of mechanical belt fasteners
  • The unit requires no mechanical adjustment in-between blade changes
  • At all times there are a visual indication of belt to blade pressure
  • Materials adhering to the deflector have a minimal effect on the cleaning efficiency of the blades
  • The belt to blade pressure can be adjusted from a suitable remote location


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