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DirtWhacker Primary Blades

  • Blade Assembly 6 x 2mm

a) DW 1311 (Blade 8 x 3mm)
b) DW 2341 ( Bolt CSK,M10 x 40)
c) DW 5841 (Washer M10)
d) DW 5842 (Spring Washer M10)
e) DW 5840 (Nylock-Nut M10)

  • Blade Holder

a) DW 1324 (Blade Holder)
b) DW 5840 (Nylock-Nut M10)
c) DW 5841 (Washer M10)
d) DW 5842 (Spring Washer M10)
f ) DW 2341 (Bolt CSK Nib,M10x40,8.8)

Product Description

The DirtWhacker Primary Blades are developed to provide the industry with durable blade range. These blades provide anexcellent balance for the customer when it comes to durability and belt-friendliness. The DirtWhacker Primary Blade system meets the following design criteria:

Design Criteria

  • The cleaning blade exhibits excellent belt-friendliness
  • Carry-over is eliminated by the blades
  • The blades have an outstanding ability to accomodate thermal shock
  • For the DirtWhacker blade system, mechanically jointed belts pose no problem
  • The complete spectrum of slow to fast belts is catered for
  • The DirtWhacker Difference

The DirtWhacker cleaner uses belt/blade pressure of up to 40 psi. Conventional belt scrapers use a blade/belt pressure of 11 to 14 psi.

The DirtWhacker uses blunt blades. The blunt blades are applied to the top cover at a high pressure and as such eliminating the abrasive media (carry over) between the belt and the blade. The blade only wears due to the polishing of the hard metal by a softer material (rubber).

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