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There is one set way of installing the DirtWhacker Angle Plough this is the first method. To install the DirtWhacker Angle Plough unit successfully, please view/print the following installation procedure:


Installation Procedure :

  1. Fit one mounting bracket frame as close to the tail pulley as possible
  2. Adjust the bracket as far away from the conveyor belt as possible
  3. Slide the angle plough on to the shaft of the bracket
  4. Move the angle plough to a 45 degree angle across the conveyor belt
  5. Adjust the bracket in order for the shaft of the bracket to slide into the angle plough
  6. Fit the mounting bracket onto the frame
  7. Adjust the brackets on both sides in order to allow angle plough to touch the conveyor belt evenly


DirtWhacker Diagonal

  • Extremely long service life due to wear-resistant steel buffered blades.
  • Belt cleaning system designed for demanding applications.
  • Retrofit to all conveyer belt installations.
  • Completely fail-safe operation


Angle Plaugh

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