01E DW 5510 Combined
p-airair_bladder_primary_sideDW 1516_air_bladder_clampDW 1517_end_cap_blankDW 1518_end_cap_threadedDW 1519_air_bladder _sleeveDW 5510_gauge_0-100kpaDW 5511_gauge_0-15psiDW 5512_connector_1-4_inchDW 5513_air_hose_1-4_inchDW 5514_air_valveDW 5515_gauge_mounting_kit(1)

Air Systems

  • DirtWhacker Air System
  • Gauge Air Pressure 0-100 kpa
  • Gauge Air Pressure 0-15 psi
  • Air Connector 1/4 inch
  • Air Hose 1/4 inch
  • Air Valve
  • Air Gauge Mounting Kit
    a) DW 5516 ( Air Block )
    b) DW 5517 ( Rubber Mounting )
    c) DW 5812 ( Washer SQ M12 )
    d) DW 5825 ( Lock-Nut M12 )
    e) DW 5514 ( Air Valve )
  • Air Bladder Clamp
  • End Cap – Blank
  • End Cap – Threaded
  • Air Bladder Protective Sleeve
  • Air Bladder 0450mm - Air Bladder 2400mm

Product Description

The DirtWhacker Air System amounts to a vast improvement in cost effectiveness for the industry.

The following points illustrate how:

Cost Effective

The Primary Air system sustain even blade-to-belt pressure over the full cleaner width
When the primary belt cleaner is located inside an inaccessible structure the belt-to-blade
No skilled labour is required to operate the belt-cleaner between blade changes
The belt-to-blade pressure can be monitored from a control room
The belt top cover damage can be curtailed even further if the DirtWhacker belt cleaners are only activated via sensors as and when needed
One air bladder supports all blades on a given cleaner unit. This ensures that every blade will have equal belt-to-blade pressure, in spite of wear

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