Conveyor Belt Services

  • Conveyor belt splicing
  • Pulley Lagging
  • Conveyor Belt Maintenance 


Conveyor belts are very important especially with the rate of production that has to correlate with the world’s ever increasing population. The world’s population is growing at an average of 2.1 percent annually; this means the industrial industry is left with a huge responsibility to produce more goods and services every year.

 DirtWhacker offers extraordinary conveyor belt services to maintain the durability of these important conveyor belts mainly used in the production process. It’s the 21st century and everything around us is changing, things are becoming more modern and convenient for consumption purposes. The change also occurs in the production industry, producing goods and services for the masses have been improved year in and year out making the process simpler, better and faster.

 We have all our technicians’ train every year for better ways to use new conveyor belt splicing processes, mainly to create safer environments for conveyor belts to perform at peak and improve the production processes. Emphasis is also placed on the maintaining and repairing conveyor belts, conveyor belt maintenance is crucial as it can curb replacement costs. With all these services including the pulley lagging which basically extends the life of key conveyor components and among other things prevents conveyors from wearing.

 For over a century conveyor belts have revolutionised mass production and DirtWhacker is proud to continuously come up with innovative ways to increase the efficiency of conveyor belts to improve the production industry.

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