Safety measures used in the mining industry

DirtWhacker Conveyor Belt Cleaners and Automation have played a significant role in the mining industry; this has resulted in significant growth within our own business environment. We are renowned for offering a wide range of compatible products that have been utilised in the mining industry. DirtWhacker products such as our conveyor belts scrapers assist in maintaining the conveyor belts that transport mining materials in bulk. more…

4 Reasons to Clean Your Conveyor Belt

If your company relies on a conveyor belt in the process of production then it is essential that your belt is cleaned and maintained. By ensuring your conveyor belt is functioning at its maximum capability, you are advantageously contributing to your production level and to the machine’s longevity. Below are four benefits of a conveyor belt cleaning system. more…


LESA Mining Equipment and Conveyor Belt CC T/A DirtWhacker manufactured conventional conveyor belt scrapers since 1986.

During the early 90′s DirtWhacker was awarded several conventional belt scraper maintenance contracts in the bulk materials handling industry. In the course of time DirtWhacker realised that the mining industry experienced a high incidence of logistical and maintenance problems with conventional belt scrapers in general. more…

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