Safety measures used in the mining industry

DirtWhacker Conveyor Belt Cleaners and Automation have played a significant role in the mining industry; this has resulted in significant growth within our own business environment. We are renowned for offering a wide range of compatible products that have been utilised in the mining industry. DirtWhacker products such as our conveyor belts scrapers assist in maintaining the conveyor belts that transport mining materials in bulk.

Mining involves the transportation of large amounts of gravel underground in order to unearth valuable stones. These precious stones are eventually transformed into remarkable pieces that are worn by jewellery lovers worldwide. Ensure that you have reliable equipment that guarantees that this process runs smoothly.

As mentioned, within the mining process, conveyor belts are the ideal mechanism to transport bulk material.  However this can be hazardous if the conveyor belts are not maintained. At DirtWhacker, we specialise in conveyor belts cleaning systems, minimising the safety risks involved in the industrial production process. The significance of ensuring safety in the working environment has always been our priority. Investing heavily in the latest technology used to improve splicing techniques is part of our companies’ vision. We pride ourselves in doing our best to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. Due to our customer-focused business vision and mission, our company’s overall growth has been extraordinary.

For more information on how our products function, don’t hesitate to call us. We will ensure you receive all the advice needed to make a sound decision. Speak to the real conveyor specialists and solve all your cleaning and safety needs today.




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