4 Reasons to Clean Your Conveyor Belt

If your company relies on a conveyor belt in the process of production then it is essential that your belt is cleaned and maintained. By ensuring your conveyor belt is functioning at its maximum capability, you are advantageously contributing to your production level and to the machine’s longevity. Below are four benefits of a conveyor belt cleaning system.

    1.Reduce clean up

By providing your conveyor equipment with a quality cleaning mechanism, you immediately reduce your clean up requirements. Avoid additional labour by keeping your conveyor clean. This decreases the likelihood of your product or material getting stuck to the belt causing unwanted waste.

      2. Minimise maintenance

There is no doubt that a clean conveyor belt operates more efficiently and requires significantly less ongoing maintenance. Avoid excess material building up in inconvenient joints or inhibiting the functionality of the belt. The addition of a cleaning system will reduce your maintenance cost and help prevent incidences such as conveyor belt misalignment or unnecessary wear and tear.3

     3. Eliminate carry back or material spillage

When this occurs on a conveyor belt it can cause operational difficulties and a hazardous work environment. If an efficient cleaning system in not in place then an accumulation of material which then falls off the conveyor is a concern. This is not only a waste of excess material but also creates an unsafe work environment.

    4. Optimize your conveyor belt functionality

Ensure that your conveyor belt is clean and free from excess substances in order to increase its production capability. A cleaning system will ensure that your conveyor belt achieves its optimal level of operational productivity. 

If your production makes use of a conveyor belt system then there is no doubt that you require a cleaning system. The DirtWhacker is the answer! The DirtWhacker can be fully integrated into your existing Programmable Logic Control Systems and even operates on mechanically joined belts. Contact the professional conveyor belt cleaning specialists at DirtWhacker to find out how you have increase productivity and optimise the functionality of your conveyor belt.  


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